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  • Contactor KT-6053

Contactor KT-6053

The KT-6053 contactor with closing main contacts is designed for a rated voltage of 380 V AC with a frequency of 50, 60 Hz, and a rated current of up to 630 A and is designed for remote switching on and off of power electrical circuits in metallurgical, crane and other electric drives with heavy duty. The rated voltage of the main contacts is 380V AC with a frequency of 50, 60 Hz. Contactor KT-6053 technical characteristics Two contactors of the same type with the same rated current allow the installation of a mechanical interlock, excluding their simultaneous activation and can be used to control reversible loads, for example, a reverse of a three-phase asynchronous motor. Contactors KT-6053 are made with two make and two break auxiliary contacts. The design of the auxiliary contacts allows them to be re-installed from NO to NC and vice versa in combinations of -1 NC and 3 NO or 4 NO auxiliary contacts. Rated current of the contactor -630А Maximum permissible switching frequency - 600 starts per hour Mechanical durability of the KT-6053 contactor -1.6 million cycles Switching durability - 0.1 million cycles Power consumption - not more than 140 W Operating mode of the KT-6053 contactor - long-term, intermittent-long, repeated-short-term and short-term. Contactors KT-6053, designed for continuous operation, have an additional index "C" in the type designation, their contacts are made of silver-based cermets. Contactors can be installed on insulating panels and on metal rails. For subplate mounting, contactors are supplied complete with spacers.
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