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  • Contactor KT-6063

Contactor KT-6063

The KT-6063 contactor with closing main contacts for rated current up to 1000 A is intended for switching powerful electrical circuits - three-phase asynchronous motors, synchronous generators and motors, transformers, compressors, electric heaters, equipment for controlling crane equipment, powerful current sources. The contactor structure consists of: an electromagnetic control system, a main contact system with arc chutes and a block of additional contacts. The coil of the electromagnetic system of the KT-6063 contactor is connected to an alternating current source and switching elements-buttons, toggle switches, relays and low-power starters to connect the contactor control circuit. The main contacts of the contactor carry the same kind of current. Voltage control in the auxiliary network will allow remotely operating the contactor both by direct switching on and off, and using various sensors, controllers and other automatic control systems. The main contacts consist of a movable and stationary part, made of copper. In the presence of the letter "C" in the marking, the contact system is completed with ceramic plates with a silver content. Contactor KT-6063 - technical data Rated current of main contacts -1000 A. Rated voltage of main contacts - 400V AC, frequency 50, 60 Hz. Contactors are produced with pick-up coils 110, 127, 220, 230, 240, 380, 400, 415 and 500 V AC with a frequency of 50 Hz and 110, 220, 380, 440 V AC with a frequency of 60 Hz. The contactors are designed with two make and two break auxiliary contacts. The design of the auxiliary contacts allows them to be re-installed from NO to NC and vice versa in combinations - 1 NC and 3 NO or 4 NO auxiliary contacts. Two KT-6063 contactors of the same type with the same rated current allow the installation of a mechanical interlock, excluding their simultaneous activation and can therefore be used to ensure safe reverse of three-phase electric motors and other three-phase reversible loads. Maximum permissible switching frequency - 60 per hour Mechanical durability of 1 million cycles Switching durability of 25000 cycles Power consumption no more than 140 W The operating mode of the KT-6063 contactors is mainly continuous, they allow operation in intermittent-continuous and intermittent-short-term. The contacts of the contactors are made of silver-based cermets. KT-6063 contactors can be installed on metal rails and on insulating plates. For subplate mounting, contactors are supplied complete with spacers. Connection of external conductors is universal. Climatic modification - U3, HL3, T3 in accordance with GOST 15150-69. Protection degree - IP00. The arc chute is made of asbestos cement and serves to effectively extinguish the electric arc, which is absolutely necessary when switching (and especially disconnecting) powerful inductive loads.
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