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  • Contactor KT-6623

Contactor KT-6623

The KT-6623 electromagnetic contactor of open design for a rated current of 160A and a voltage of 220 / 380V AC with a frequency of 50 and 60 Hz for general use is designed to turn on and off powerful receivers of electrical energy with a high inductive component of resistance and, accordingly, with significant overloads, overvoltage, sparking and possible the formation of an electric arc between the contacts when disconnected. Contactor KT-6623 device and application KT-6623 AC contactors are used to control three-phase asynchronous electric motors with a squirrel-cage rotor, to remove starting rheostats, turn on three-phase transformers, three-phase electric heaters, pumps, air conditioners, brake electromagnets and other electrical devices. Number of poles - 3. They can be produced with both copper and silver-containing contacts (version C). The simple design of the arc chutes provides free access to the power contacts for servicing the contactors. The arc chutes are made of aminoplast instead of the previously used asbestos. Cooling is natural air. Contactor KT-6623 allows mounting on a vertical surface, in rare cases in a horizontal plane. In this case, the axis on which the electromagnet and the contacts are located should coincide with the horizontal with a possible deviation by an angle of ± 5º
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