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  • Magnetic starter PAE-314

Magnetic starter PAE-314

PAE-314 magnetic reversible starter with thermal protective relay. The rated current of the main contacts of the starter is 40A at a voltage of 380V. Protection degree IP00. The starter is designed for remote start, stop and reverse of three-phase asynchronous electric motors with a squirrel-cage rotor, at rated voltage up to 380V, frequency 50Hz, ambient temperature from minus 40 ° to 40 ° С.PAE-314 starters are equipped with a protective thermal relay TRN, RTT or RTL , by means of which the consumed current of the motor controlled by them is controlled. When the permissible current value is exceeded, within a certain period of time, the bimetallic plate of the relay overheats, its bending and opening of the relay contact through which the starter coil is powered. As a result of opening the contact, the starter coil is de-energized and the starter trips and opens the main contact circuit. In this case, the power supply to the electric motor is turned off and it stops. The reverse of the engine with the help of the PAE-314 starter is carried out as a result of changing the sequence of the phases of the wires of the electrical network connected to the main contacts of two starters from which the PAE-314 reversing starter is assembled. The control circuit must ensure the alternate switching on of the starters and completely exclude their simultaneous activation. After disconnecting one of the starters, a time delay must be provided, which is necessary to completely disconnect the controlled motor and stop it completely. Switching in the other direction (reverse) is allowed only after the engine has stopped completely. PAE-314 technical characteristics Rated current - 40 A Current frequency - 50Hz Starter type - reversible Availability of thermal protection - there is a relay of type TRN, RTT or RTL Degree of protection PAE-314 - IP00 Climatic version - UHL4 Warranty period - 1 year Maximum power of the connected motor - 17 kW Power supply of the control coil - 110V; 127B; 220V; 380V Auxiliary contacts PAE-314 - 2c or 2 n o Altitude above sea level no more than - 4300 m PAE-314 starters are designed for continuous operation in intermittent modes with a frequency of up to 600 starts per hour with an on-time (DC) of 40% ... For longer operating times, the frequency of starts per hour should be reduced. Protection class IP00.
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