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  • Magnetic starter PAE-613

Magnetic starter PAE-613

PAE-613 magnetic starter of the sixth magnitude, open, reversible, without a thermal relay, degree of protection IP00, rated current 146A at a voltage of 380V, designed for remote start and stop of three-phase asynchronous electric motors with a squirrel-cage rotor operating in moderate climates at rated voltage up to 380V , frequency 50Hz, ambient temperature from minus 40 ° to 40 ° С.PAE-613 starters are reversible and are most often used in control circuits for three-phase asynchronous motors in which it is necessary to change the direction of motor rotation. They can also be used to control any electrical loads - DC electric motors, electric furnaces, heaters, lighting systems for both industrial and municipal facilities, asynchronous generators in the power range from 1.1 to 75 kW at a voltage of 380-660 V. Starters have a switching capacity up to 2,000,000 on-off cycles PAE-613 starters are characterized by high reliability, low power consumption and heating, good overload capability and therefore can be used to start electric motors with severe operating conditions and a long acceleration period and a set of rated speed. During a long acceleration of the motor, the current consumed by it is much higher than the rated current, which not only leads to additional heating of the motor, but also creates an increased load on the main contacts of the starter. PAE-613 technical characteristics Rated current at voltages of 380V - 146A Rated current at voltages of 500V - 80A Maximum switching current at voltage 380V and cosφ = 0.4 - 1500A Rated power of the PAE-613 starter coil - 38 VA Starting power of the coil - 3400 VA Starter type - reversible Starter coil power supply - 110V; 127B; 220V; 380V Open version (unprotected). Overload protection - no thermal relays Protection class PAE-613 - IP00 Starter weight - 103 kg Maximum power of the connected motor - 75 kW
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