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Заказать и купить изделие «Розетка штепсельная с выключателем РШВ2-42» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

  • Plug socket with switch RSHV2-42

Plug socket with switch RSHV2-42

Socket with switch RSHV2-42 is designed to operate in AC and DC networks with voltage up to 220 V and maximum current up to 16 A. Designed for connection to the electrical network of various portable ship equipment. The increased degree of protection allows them to be installed in places with strong dust and in rooms with high humidity. According to the maximum operating voltage, small-sealed sockets with switches are also subdivided into: low-voltage, for a voltage of 36V: RSHV2-42 high-voltage, for a voltage of 220V: RSHV2-41, RSHV3-41 sockets with switches with a degree of protection IP56 Installed only indoors with high humidity. Designated: RSHV2-41-56, RSHV2-42-56 and RSHV3-41-56 switches with a socket with a degree of protection IP67. Installed both indoors with high humidity and on an open deck. Allows exposure to sea fog and short-term exposure to sea water. Designated: RSHV2-41-67, RSHV2-42-67 and RSHV3-41-67 It is quite difficult to distinguish the version of switches with sockets for protection against contact with live parts and from the penetration of dust and moisture: - on the lower part of the case, version 56 is applied designation AL-2, or there are no designations. - the designation AL-28 is applied on the lower part of the case in version 67.
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