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  • pressure switch RD-121

pressure switch RD-121

RD-121 pressure switch is used to control and measure the pressure of the controlled environment and to build automatic control systems. The pressure switch is used to switch electrical circuits when the pressure difference of non-aggressive to copper alloys liquid or gaseous, non-viscous and non-crystallizing media with a maximum temperature of 110 ° C (air, oil, water, freons) changes in the pressure difference RD-121 principle of operation The principle of operation of the RD-121 based on a comparison of the forces created by the pressure of the controlled environment on the sensitive system and the forces of elastic deformation of the setpoint adjuster (springs) and the return zone. The device is triggered (opening or closing of contacts occurs when the controlled pressure reaches the setpoint value set on the scale. The return of the switching device contacts to its original position occurs when the medium pressure changes by an amount equal to the value of the return zone. RD-121 scope of application Scope of the pressure switch RD-121: ship equipment, heat supply, ventilation, water supply systems, engineering industry, protection of various mechanisms, in particular, pressure switches are installed in pumping units to protect against dry running caused by a sharp drop in pressure in the system. automatic mode.
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