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  • thermostat TR-200

thermostat TR-200

The thermostat TR-200 is intended for use in temperature control devices for non-aggressive liquid or gaseous media, for switching DC and AC circuits with a frequency of 50 and 60Hz with a rated voltage of up to 220V. The maximum temperature is 200 degrees. The response temperature is adjustable (set by the adjusting screw under the protective cover), has 2 normally closed contacts. Total length 155 mm, diameter of the immersion tube of the sensor 18 mm, thread M22, diameter of the cap 44 mm. The TP-200 temperature sensor-relay consists of a sensing element (tube and plates connected to contacts), a contact group and a setting mechanism. It is used for signaling and protection. Designed to control the operation of electric heating devices and signal the achievement of the set temperature by the controlled medium. The principle of operation is based on the difference between the coefficients of linear expansion of brass and plates. When heated, the brass tube lengthens significantly and forces the plates to change position, and the contacts to open. The setting temperature is adjusted with a screw. TR-200 technical characteristics Controlled temperature range, ° C from 25 to 200 Relay response accuracy at a rate of change in the temperature of the working environment no higher than 0.5 ° C per minute in circuits with voltage, ° C no more: - up to 220 V AC ± 5 - up to 320 V DC ± 5 - 380 V AC ± 15 Maximum difference between the opening and closing temperatures of the TP-200 contacts (differential) at a rate of change in the temperature of the working environment not exceeding 0.5 ° C per minute in voltage circuits, ° C no more: - up to 220 V AC 5 - up to 320 V DC 5 - 380 V AC 15 Breaking capacity of TP-200 contacts at the voltage of the switched circuit, no more: - up to 320 V DC with inductive load at τ ≤ 0.5 * 10-3 s, W 17 - up to 220 V AC with frequency 50 and 60 Hz at cosφ≥0.4, VA 40 - up to 380 V AC with frequency 50 and 400 Hz at cosφ≥0.4, VA 55 Maximum current for making contacts TR-200, A: - DC at voltages up to 320 V AC 2.7 current: - at voltage up to 220 V 2.4 - at voltage up to 380 V 1.5
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