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  • DSV-21 sensor

DSV-21 sensor

DSV-21 sensors are designed to control salt-containing aqueous solutions and convert the value of the salt content in the solution into electrical resistance, the value of which can be used to judge the value of the salt content in the solution. Salt meter housings, depending on the type, are made of 08X18H10T stainless steel.

DSV-21 sensors are structurally flow-through and represent a metal cylindrical body, in which a sensitive element and a temperature compensator are located, designed to compensate for the effect of temperature changes controlled water. DSV-21 technical characteristics The basic reduced measurement error of salt meters should be ± 6% of the measurement range. Saline meter components are interchangeable with external line resistance (5 ± 0.1) Ohm. The electrical resistance of the insulation of the circuits of the SV-21 sensor to each other and relative to the case at a temperature (25 ± 10) ° C and relative humidity (65 ± 15)% must be at least 20 MΩ. The resistance value of the temperature compensator at a temperature of 20 ° C is (818.4 ± 0.4) Ohm. The inertia of the thermal compensator does not exceed 10 minutes. The resistance of the fitting coils of the box is (5 ± 0.1) Ohm. Food DSV-21 & mdash; from an alternating current with a voltage of 220 V, a frequency of 400 Hz. The power consumed by the salt meter does not exceed 13 VA at cos

0.8. DSV-21 operating conditions: ambient temperature 0 ... 50 ° С, relative air humidity up to 98% at 50 ° С. Excessive air pressure DSV-21 is not more than 0.3 MPa, the pressure of the controlled solution is not more than 1, 4, 10 MPa, the temperature of the controlled solution is 2 ... 40 or 20 ... 100 ° C. The impact of sea fog, vibration with a frequency of 5 ... 60 Hz and an acceleration of 14.7 m / s is allowed, single shocks are allowed on DSV-21 with an acceleration of up to 9800 m / s and a pulse duration of 0.5 ... 2 ms, ship rolling with slopes up to 45 °.

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