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Заказать и купить изделие «Датчик-реле напора ДН-40» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Pressure sensor relay DN-40

Pressure sensor relay DN-40

The pressure switch DN-40 is intended for use in automatic and automated control systems, control and regulation of excess (vacuum) pressure. They can be used in automatic and automated control systems, control and regulation of small overpressure. DN-40 technical characteristics Sensors-relays are designed to operate in the following conditions: - ambient temperature from -30 to + 50 ° С - relative humidity (95 ± 3)% at a temperature of 35 ° С - vibration DN-40 with a frequency of up to 25 Hz, amplitude no more than 0.1 mm Maximum switching power: - DC 70 W - AC 300VA Voltage DN-40: - AC 220 V - DC 30 V Controlled environment - air, gases and liquids non-aggressive to the aluminum body and oil-resistant rubber. Installed on site in a vertical position with the fitting downwards. Connect the DN-40 sensors-relays using the M 12 × 1.5 fitting. Use washers made of lead, fiber, leather or soft copper as a seal.
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