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  • temperature sensor-relay DTKB-49
  • temperature sensor-relay DTKB-49

temperature sensor-relay DTKB-49

DTKB-49 chamber bimetallic temperature sensor-relay is designed for two-position temperature control in chambers with a non-aggressive gaseous medium in the absence of magnetic electric fields acting on the device magnets. Sensors are used both in industry and in everyday life for automatic temperature control in heating and air conditioning systems in various industrial, residential, warehouse premises, electronic devices in instrument making, vegetable stores, greenhouses, garages, incubators, refrigeration chambers. DTKB-49 technical characteristics dead zone of the DTKB sensor (differential) from 2 to 8 ° C. The specific deadband value is specified in the purchase order. In the absence of an indication, the device is manufactured with a dead zone from 2 to 4 ° C across the entire scale; the basic permissible error of the DTKB-49 sensor for all modifications does not exceed the values: at the middle mark of the scale +1.0 ° С; at the extreme marks of the scale +2.5 ° С. In the case of the manufacture of devices with a fixed setting, the response error at the extreme points is not regulated; the time constant for thermal equalization of the DTKB-49 device is no more than 25 minutes for calm air; breaking capacity of contacts not less: 50 W at voltage 127 V DC; 50 VA at 220 VAC and inductive load; the insulation resistance of the electrical circuits of the DTKB sensors between themselves and relative to the case corresponds to: at an ambient temperature of (20 ± 5) ° С and a relative humidity of no more than 80% - at least 20 megohms; at high humidity 95% and temperature plus 35 ° С - not less than 2 MΩ; sensors are efficient in conditions of ambient relative humidity of 30-80%; the mass of the device is not more than 0.3 kg; the service life of the DTKB-49 sensor is at least 8 years. contact closure when the temperature rises extreme values ​​of the temperature limit: +25 ... +35 ° С scale division: 1 ° С the DTKB sensor is installed at a height of 1.5-1.8 m from the floor in places not directly exposed to sources of heat or cold ... Air circulation around the device must be free. Protect the device from metal shavings getting inside. The DTKB-49 sensor is fastened to the wall with four screws. Control circuit wires are connected to terminals "1" and "2", and the sensor is grounded by connecting to terminal "3".
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