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  • temperature sensor-relay TAM-102-1-03-1-1

temperature sensor-relay TAM-102-1-03-1-1

TAM-102-1-03-1-1 temperature sensor-relay is produced according to TU 25-7301.0028-88 and is designed to control and regulate the temperature of liquid and gaseous media in refrigeration units used on ships, railroad and road transport. Controlled media: air, freons, oils, fresh water, as well as other media that are not corrosive to steel, copper, copper alloys and silver solders. TAM-102-1-03-1-1 technical characteristics The return zone in the TAM 102-1 temperature switches is directed towards the increase in the temperature of the controlled environment relative to the installation, in the TAM 102-2 temperature switches - towards the decrease. The switching power of the contacts during operation in DC circuits with a voltage of 24 ... 220 V at a minimum current of 0.05 A is 60 W. Current during operation in alternating current circuits with a voltage of 127 ... 380 V with a frequency of 50 (60) Hz at cosφ> 0.6 - 0.1 ... 6 A. Ambient temperature from minus 40 to +70 ° С (for temperature sensor TAM 102-1-03 - from minus 40 to +85 ° С). Climatic versions: ОМ category 5; T category 2; ТМ category 2. The mass of the temperature sensor-relay TAM 102 is 1.3 kg. Measurement limits: + 5 ° С… + 35 ° С. Temperature sensors TAM 102 are highly resistant to dynamic loads (vibration, shock, shaking, tilting); protection against dust, water and other environmental factors. Temperature sensors TAM 102 have a housing protection degree - IP 64.
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