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  • conductometric level sensor-relay RO-001

conductometric level sensor-relay RO-001

PO-001 conductometric level sensor-switch is designed to control three levels of electrically conductive liquids when the electrical resistance between the sensor electrode and the tank wall changes through three independent channels in one or different tanks in stationary and ship conditions outside the explosive zones. It consists of three sensors and a transmitter. The principle of operation of the PO-001 sensor-relay is based on converting the change in electrical resistance between the sensor electrode and the tank wall into an electrical relay signal. When the sensor electrode is immersed in the controlled environment, the resistance decreases, the relay is triggered and the light indication on the transmitter housing turns on. PO-001 technical characteristics The length of the submerged part of the electrode is 0.1 m. If necessary, the length of the immersed part of the electrode L is increased to the required for the operating conditions, but not more than 5 m.In this case, the extension rod can have a cross-section of any shape with an area not less than the cross-sectional area of ​​the main electrode, made of material resistant to the controlled environment and allowing a contact pair creating corrosion with steel 12X18H10T GOST 5632-72. Supply voltage PO-001 - 220 V, 50 Hz. Power consumption, VA, & mdash; no more than 12. AC voltage. current on the sensor electrodes, V, not more than 6. Load on the output relay contacts: current from 0.5 to 1.5 A, frequency 50, 60 Hz. It is allowed to increase the current up to 3 A for a time not exceeding 0.1 s. Voltage from 12 to 220 V. The upper value of the response resistance (the resistance of the liquid between the electrode and the tank body or an additional grounded electrode, at which the RO-001 output relay is triggered) -1000 Ohm. Provides smooth adjustment of the upper limit of response resistance at least 30% of the maximum value. Ambient temperature: & mdash; for the sensor from -50 to +70 ° C. & mdash; for a transmitting converter from 1 to 30 degrees C.

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