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  • Tank level sensor DUE-1

Tank level sensor DUE-1

Tank level sensors DUE-1 are designed for measuring and signaling the level of electrically conductive and non-conductive homogeneous liquids that retain their aggregate states in the range of operating temperatures and pressures, including aggressive and explosive ones. They are used in control systems, regulation and management of production processes in the chemical, oil refining, electrical, oil and other industries. DUE-1 technical description The sensors include a primary transducer (hereinafter referred to as - PP) and a measuring transducer (hereinafter referred to as - PI) connected by a cable up to 1000 meters long. Produced in the following versions: & mdash; DUE-1O, DUE-1O-ISB & mdash; ordinary; & mdash; DUE-1B & mdash; explosion-proof. The type of primary transducer is selected depending on the properties of the measured medium. Measuring transducers have modifications: & mdash; with analog output signal (PI-O, PI-V); & mdash; with analog output signal, digital indication of the output signal, relay output (PI-O-ISB). Sensors are elements of measuring systems (IS-2 in accordance with GOST R 8596-2002. For an additional fee, the delivery set may include measuring regulators (single-channel, multichannel) with the following outputs: - universal current signal (0-5) mA, (4 -20) mA; & mdash; two relay signals; & mdash; RS-232C or RS485 interface.DUE-1 technical data Output signal & mdash; Current output 4 & mdash; 20 mA, 0 & mdash; 20 mA, 0 & mdash; 5 mA; & mdash; LCD & mdash ; indicator (for DUE-1-ISB); - Two relay outputs (for DUE-1-ISB) Explosion safety according to GOST R 51330 - primary converters PP-V - 0 [Exia] IIC; - measuring converters PI -B - [Exia] IIC. Protection class DUE-1 in accordance with GOST 14254 - primary transducers PP - IP54; - measuring converters PI - IP20, PI-ISB - IP54. Supply voltage (220 + 22 - 33 ) V, frequency (50 ± 1) Hz. Power consumption Not more than 18 VA.

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