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  • DEM-102-2 pressure switch sensor

DEM-102-2 pressure switch sensor

DEM-102-2 pressure switch sensor DEM-102-2-01-1 pressure switch sensor. Measurement limits: -0.03 ... 0.4mPa. Designed for monitoring and two-position regulation of the pressure of liquid and gaseous media in refrigeration units used on ships, railroad and road transport, as well as in stationary installations and other systems and devices. Controlled media: freons, air, oils and other non-aggressive media. For DEM102-1-01A, DEM102-2-05A devices, the controlled environment can be ammonia. The DEM-102-2 pressure switch is distinguished by its high resistance to external factors (shock, vibration, rolling, ingress of dust and water, the effects of salt (sea) fog, mold, etc.), as well as high switching resistance of electrical contacts. DEM-102-2 technical characteristics The device is efficient when exposed to: relative humidity up to 80% and ambient temperature from -50 to + 70C; DEM102-1-01A, DEM102-2-05A, DEM202-1-01A - from -30 to + 70C; DEM102-1-01, DEM102-2-05 - from -50 to + 85C. Relative humidity of ambient air up to 100% at a temperature of + 40C. If oils are the controlled medium, their pour point must be at least 15C lower than the ambient temperature DEM-102-2 principle of operation and device The device consists of the following main components: a sensitive system, a transmission mechanism, a setpoint adjustment unit and a zone adjustment unit return (only for DEM102-1 devices, except for D, EM102-1-01-1, DEM102-1-02-1) with dials (springs), a switching contact device and a cable entry device. The principle of operation of the device is based on comparing the forces created by the pressure or the pressure difference of the controlled medium on the sensitive system and the elastic deformation forces of the setpoint adjuster (springs) and the return zone. The device is triggered (opening or closing the contacts) when the monitored pressure or differential pressure reaches the set point value set on the scale. The return of the contacts of the switching device to its initial position occurs when the pressure of the controlled medium changes by an amount equal to the value of the return zone.
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