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  • Temperature controller RT-DO

Temperature controller RT-DO

Direct acting temperature controller RT-DO type is designed to automatically maintain the temperature of the controlled medium by changing the flow rate of steam, liquid and gaseous media. Produced according to TU 25-02.090123-81 Regulators are produced in several modifications depending on the nominal size of the RT-DO-15, RT-DO-25, RT-DO-40, RT-DO-50, RT-DO-80, and also used for heating and cooling systems of industrial, municipal and domestic installations, for example: for central heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, engine coolers, heat exchangers, boilers and other objects in accordance with their technical characteristics. RT-DO types of regulators RT-DO-15 temperature regulator. Nominal bore diameters 15 mm Temperature regulator RT-DO-25 Nominal bore diameters 25 mm Temperature regulator RT-DO-40 Nominal bore diameters 40 mm Temperature regulator RT-DO-50 Nominal bore diameters 50 mm Temperature regulator RT-DO-80 Passage diameters conditional 80 mm Temperature control setting ranges for all types of regulators 0-40; 40-80; 20-60; 60-100; 100-140; 80-120; 140-180; 120-160; Temperature of the regulation medium from minus 15 to plus 225 Dead zone degrees -1C Time constant, s 100.0 Length of remote communication 10.0; 1.6; 4.0; 2.5; 6.0 m Pressure of the regulation medium, Megapascal 1.6 Installation error on the tuning scale, degrees ± 3.0 It is recommended to install a strainer in front of the RT-DO control device. Direct-acting temperature regulators of the RT-DO (DZ) type are designed to automatically maintain the set temperature of the controlled medium by changing the flow rate of liquid gaseous and vaporous media that are non-aggressive to the materials of the regulator under operating conditions established by GOST R52931 for group C4. The body parts of the regulator are made of: cast iron SCH 20, steel 20L (25L, 30L, 35L, 40L, 45L), stainless steel 12X18H10T, high-strength cast iron VCh40. VCh40 body parts are designed for PN25 pressure. Produced in accordance with TU 25-02.090123-81. The connecting dimensions of the flanges are in accordance with GOST 12815-80. Options for temperature controllers: RT-DO - with a two-way normally open regulating body (the valve closes when the temperature rises); RT-DZ - with a two-way normally closed regulating body (the valve opens when the temperature rises).
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