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  • Temperature controller TUDE-1

Temperature controller TUDE-1

Temperature controller TUDE-1 is used to regulate the temperature of liquid and gaseous media in automatic control and regulation systems at static pressure up to 6.4 MPa. Produced in accordance with TU 25-7323.001-88. Application area temperature control in control and regulation systems in all branches of industry. The principle of operation of TUDE-1 is based on the proportional difference between the increment of the lengths of the sensitive tube and the rod to the change in the temperature of the controlled medium. The resulting increment is converted into an instantaneous action of the contact mechanism, with the help of which the contacts are opened (closed). TUDE-1 technical characteristics Controlled medium liquid and gaseous media; Ru 6,4MPa Regulation limits, ° С 0 + 250; differential range 4… 20 ° С Error basic error of the setting scale 1.5… 4% TUDE-1 switching parameters: current 0.1… 15A, voltage 250V, 50 / 60Hz; current 0.1 ... 4A, voltage 220V DC; length of the sensing tube 251mm Power supply, power consumption - non-volatile Dust and moisture proof version: IP54 TUDE-1 are resistant to ambient temperatures from minus 50 to plus 1200C and relative humidity up to 98% at 250C and lower temperatures, without moisture condensation for operation in regions with a temperate climate and relative humidity up to 98% at a temperature of 350C and lower temperatures, without moisture condensation for operation in areas with a tropical climate. The structure is manufactured with NO and NC contacts Overall dimensions, mm 608 (max) x59x135 (IP54); Weight, kg 1.5 (IP54); Differential 4-20; Maud. Z; 230mm. In terms of protection against environmental influences, TUDE-1 devices have the following versions: protected from dust and water ingress into the product with a degree of protection IP54; explosion-proof IExdIIBT4. They are used in various industries.
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