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  • Pressure switch 23

Pressure switch 23

The RD-23 pressure switch monitors the pressure of the medium in pneumatic, hydraulic and lubrication systems for various purposes and can be used to create automatic control and regulation systems. The relay operates on compressed air or mineral oil with a kinetic viscosity of 4 to 400 mm² / s (cSt) with a nominal filtration fineness of no more than 40 microns (purity class 13 according to GOST 17216-71) at an oil temperature of 10 to 55 ° C. The RD-23 pressure switch can be installed in any spatial position. The relay is designed for threaded and butt mounting. The relay is connected to the pneumatic system using a K1 / 8 ″ threaded hole. For butt-mounting, an O-ring must be installed in the bore of the relay base (diameter 20 mm) The relay is attached to the mounting plate with two M8 screws. The pressure switch 23 is connected to the electrical system by means of an electrical connector. The relay is set with the protective cover removed by turning the adjusting screw. The value of the adjusted pressure is controlled by a pressure gauge. At the end of the adjustment, it is necessary to tighten the lock nut, and then once again make sure that the adjustment is correct. Climatic version of the relay UHL and O (only for the tropics), location category 4 according to GOST 15150-69. Pressure switch RD-23 principle of operation The principle of operation of the pressure switch is based on comparing the forces arising from the pressure of compressed air transmitted by the membrane and the forces of elastic deformation of the spring. The compressed air pressure acts through the membrane of the pressure switch 23 and the rigid center on the lever, which can be rotated around the axis. If the moment from the pressure force acting on the rigid center exceeds the moment developed by the spring, then the lever turns, thereby releasing the microswitch button, and the spring causes its contacts to switch. When the controlled pressure decreases, the spring of the pressure switch 23 returns the lever to its original position. The lever, pressing the button of the microswitch, causes the reverse switching of its contacts.
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