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  • Pressure switch DEM-202-1-01-2

Pressure switch DEM-202-1-01-2

The DEM-202-1-01-2 pressure switch is designed for monitoring and two-position regulation of the pressure of liquid and gaseous media in refrigeration units used on ships, railroad and road transport, as well as in stationary installations and other systems and devices. Controlled media: freons, air, oils and other non-aggressive media. For DEM-202-1-01-2A devices, the controlled environment can be ammonia. DEM-202-1-01-2 technical characteristics Working and ambient temperature: from –40 to +85 ° С Degree of protection of the device case with IP64 connector, with cable gland IP67 Weight of devices: DEM-202-1-01-2 - 0.8 kg Conical nipple connection for pipeline flaring in accordance with GOST 28941.12-91 Switching capacity of contacts: - AC voltage 127 ... 380 V with a frequency of 50 (60) Hz, with cos (φ)> 0.6 switching current no more than 6 A ; - DC voltage 24 ... 220 V, at a minimum current of 0.05 A, switching power 60 W; Measurement limits: 0.02-0.6 mPa. Differential pressure sensors DEM-202-1-01-2 are designed for monitoring and two-position regulation of the pressure difference between liquid and gaseous media. They are used on ships of river and sea fleets, in boiler houses, heat points, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, for automation of pumping, compressor and refrigeration units, as well as for regulating technological processes in various industries. Working medium: water, air, oils, freons and other liquids and gases, non-aggressive towards steels and copper alloys. DEM-202-1-01-2 are characterized by high resistance to external factors (shock, vibration, rolling, ingress of dust and water, salt (sea) fog, mold, etc.), as well as high switching resistance of electrical contacts.
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