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  • Combined relay KRM

Combined relay KRM

The combined relay KRM is intended for use in ship installations and issuing a signal when a predetermined threshold is exceeded.

The relay controls the pressure in the air supply systems, as well as monitoring the temperature or pressure in the lubrication, fuel and liquid cooling systems of automated diesel engines ... This device is most widely used in ship installations of river and sea fleets. The relay is produced according to TU 25-02.300024-80 KRM relay technical characteristics KRM relay sensor & ndash; pressure The value of the measured pressure of the relay is 0.01 MPa & hellip ;. 0.8 MPa Relay pressure increase / decrease Output signal of the relay KRM circuit closure / opening Voltage 220 V, 50 Hz Switching power 60 W Weight 1.0 kg Degree of protection IP 54 Ambient temperature of the KRM relay -50 ° С & hellip; +70 ° С The relay has an electrical switch and, depending on the order, provides operation at a given setpoint when the temperature or pressure of the controlled medium rises or falls, and returns when the temperature or pressure of the controlled medium changes back to the value of the return zone (dead zone). The combined KRM relay, depending on the version, monitors the temperature or pressure in lubrication systems, coolants, air supply, fuel and other systems during the operation of various installations, including automated diesel units. The relay has a large selection of settings, it is compatible with any equipment that matches it in terms of voltage and current. The principle of operation of the sensor-relay KRM is based on balancing the pressure inside the working chamber by the force of elastic deformation of the spring. The working element of the pressure sensor is a bellows, which, when the pressure of the working medium changes, sets the pusher in motion. The working element of the temperature sensor is the same bellows, which is set in motion under the action of the coolant, the volume changes depending on the temperature of the controlled environment. The pusher closes the corresponding contacts of the pressure switch.

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