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Заказать и купить изделие «Реле РЛ-2М-1У-2М3 27,5 В» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Relay RL-2M-1U2M3
  • Relay RL-2M-1U2M3
  • Relay RL-2M-1U2M3

Relay RL-2M-1U2M3

RL-2M regulator is designed for: ■ maintaining constant voltage of GSK-1500 series generators; ■ protecting the generator from one and a half overloads; ■ ensuring parallel operation of a generator with a storage battery and parallel operation of two generators for a common load. The RL-2M regulator is manufactured in versions for operation in temperate (U) and tropical (T) climates and should be operated under a canopy or in rooms where fluctuations in temperature and humidity do not significantly differ from fluctuations in the open air (placement category 2), and also in the macroclimatic region with a moderately cold maritime climate (M) and in macroclimatic regions with both moderately cold and tropical maritime climates (OM) when operating in closed rooms with natural ventilation without artificially controlled climatic conditions (placement category 3). It is prohibited to operate the RL-2M regulator at a generator speed of less than 3300 rpm and without a battery. The RL-2M regulator is produced adjusted to a voltage of 27.5 V. On the upper board of the RL-2M regulator there is a potentiometer for the generator voltage setting. The screw terminals of the RL-2M regulator are made with spring-loaded contacts to prevent self-loosening. There are four barrel-shaped rubber shock absorbers assembled on steel bushings to mount the RL-2M regulator at the facility. The operating position of the RL-2M regulator is arbitrary. Specifications. Depending on the rated current (Inom) of the generator, RL-2M regulators are manufactured in three versions: ■ RL-2M-1 - for a rated current of 36.5 A; ■ RL-2M-2 - rated current 54.0 A; ■ RL-2M-3 - for a rated current of 54.0 A without the function of limiting the current strength and ensuring parallel operation. The rated voltage supported by the RL-2M regulator is 27.5 V.
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