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  • Temperature relay TPM 11-11

Temperature relay TPM 11-11

Temperature relay TPM 11-11 is produced according to TU 16-647.023-85 and is intended for use in temperature control devices of non-aggressive liquid or gaseous medium and switching of DC and AC circuits of 50 and 60Hz frequency with rated voltage of 220V. The relays are manufactured adjusted to a temperature in the range of 25 ... 200 ° С every 5 ° С. TRM11-11 operating conditions Ambient air temperature -50 ... + 55 ° С. The relative humidity of the ambient air is no more than 98% at a temperature of 35 ° C. Height above sea level - no more than 2400m. The environment is explosion-proof, not containing aggressive gases, liquids, dust in concentrations that interfere with the operation of the relay. Vibration in the frequency range 1-100Hz with an acceleration of 9.8m / s² (1g), in the range of 5-15Hz with an acceleration of 29.4m / s² (3g). The operating position of the relay in a controlled environment is arbitrary. Relays TPM 11-11 are also suitable for operation: In macroclimatic regions with a temperate climate (U) and macroclimatic regions with both dry and humid tropical climates (T) in closed rooms with natural ventilation without artificially controlled climatic conditions (placement category 3 ). In macroclimatic regions with a temperate and cold climate (UHL) in closed rooms with artificially controlled climatic conditions (placement category 4).
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