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  • Temperature relay T35P-01-50
  • Temperature relay T35P-01-50
  • Temperature relay T35P-01-50
  • Temperature relay T35P-01-50

Temperature relay T35P-01-50

T35P-01-50 two-position temperature relays with an electrical output signal are designed to maintain the temperature of the controlled environment within the specified limits and protect against an unacceptable increase or decrease in the temperature of the controlled environment. Controlled media: air (intensively mixed), water, freons and other liquids, non-aggressive to steel 12X18H9T, for the T35P-07 device only liquids. Т35П-01-50 technical characteristics Measured temperature range 0-100 ° С. Power supply -27V; power -54W. Voltage -175 -320V; power -30W. Voltage ~ 127 -380V; power -300VA. The mass of the device is not more than 0.5k. T35P-01-50 operating conditions of this type of temperature switch retain their operability when the atmospheric pressure changes from 61.32 to 202.4 kPa (from 460 to 1520 mm Hg); when T35P-01-50 is exposed to ambient temperatures from minus 50 to plus 70 ° C; at relative humidity of the ambient air, under the influence of vibration, in conditions of rolling and long slopes in accordance with the norm NO.005.026 for equipment of group 15 operating on the move and for tropical-resistant equipment of group 23; when exposed to shock loads in accordance with NO.005.026, except for T35P-07 devices; T35P-01-50 is efficient under conditions of frost and dew; when exposed to sea fog; at a rate of temperature change of the controlled environment up to 10 ° C per min after exposure to excessive external pressure up to 196 kPa (2 kgf / cm2) for 4 hours, except for the T35P-07 device.
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