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  • Temperature relay T419-M1

Temperature relay T419-M1

The T419-M1 temperature relay is an electronic controller for two-position temperature control in various heating and ventilation installations, as well as in commercial refrigeration equipment, operated at temperatures from -30˚C to + 55˚C. The upper working value of relative humidity is 95% at a temperature of + 40˚С. The device can be used as a regulating, signaling or protective device in automatic regulation and control systems for various technological processes. The T419-M1 temperature relay is equipped for operation with a copper resistance thermocouple (sensor) TCM with a nominal static conversion characteristic of 50M. Т419-М1 technical characteristics Nominal value of supply voltage of the device: - version 1 alternating 220 V 50 Hz; - version 2 constant 12-24 V; - version 3 constant 45-75 V. Power supply of T419-M1 from rectifiers with unsmoothed rectifier voltage ripples is not allowed. Power consumption no more than 3 VA. The maximum length of the line connecting the device with the sensor is 300 m. The T419-M1 relay is resistant to the effects of: rolling with a period of 7-19 s and long slopes up to 45˚, vibration with a frequency of 5 to 100 Hz and acceleration up to 7 m / s2, shocks with an acceleration of 50 m / s2 at a frequency of 40 to 80 beats per minute and an impact duration of 10-15 ms, salt fog, mold fungi, a constant magnetic field with an intensity of up to 400 A / m and an alternating magnetic field up to 80 A / m with a frequency 50 Hz. Any working position of the device.
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