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  • Temperature relay TR-OM5

Temperature relay TR-OM5

Temperature relay TR-OM5 is a component part of refrigeration units for ships of the sea and river fleet and refrigeration units used on railway and automobile rolling stock, and is designed for automatic temperature control. Controlled media: freons, air, brine, oils, etc., non-corrosive to steel, brass and lead-tin solders. The device is operational at ambient temperatures from -40 to + 65C and relative humidity up to 80%; the device TR-OM5-03.1 is operational up to + 85C. When tilted up to 45 degrees from vertical in any direction. ТР-ОМ5 technical characteristics Device of executions ТР-ОМ5-00 - ТР-ОМ5-04; 03.1 is produced with a dead zone directed towards the temperature rise of the controlled environment relative to the set point. Temperature relays ТР-ОМ5-06, 08, 09 are produced with a dead zone directed towards decreasing the temperature of the controlled environment relative to the set point. The operating position of the TR-OM5 temperature switch in the space is vertical, with the sensitive system down. The stuffing box seal of the thermocylinder with a fitting ensures the tightness of the connection at the pressure of the controlled environment: 16 kg without a protective casing and 21 kg with a protective casing. The device is dustproof and waterproof. The range of measurements is + 75 ... + 100. Rated voltage ~ 220v TR-OM5 device The device consists of the following spare parts: temperature-sensitive system, range setting unit, dead zone setting unit (for TR-OM5-00 devices - TR-OM5-04, 03.1), transmission mechanism, switch, damper (for devices of the 2nd group of stability) and a plug connector. The principle of operation of the device is based on the use of the dependence of the pressure of the filler of a thermosensitive system on the temperature of the controlled environment and balancing the force created by this pressure on the bottom of the bellows, the forces of elastic deformations of the bellows and the spring
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