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  • Thermal relay RTB-0

Thermal relay RTB-0

Thermal relay RTB-0 is used for overload protection, primarily of asynchronous electric motors.

The relay can also be used to protect transformers, heating three-phase electric furnaces, etc. The relay, adjustable in operation and has a characteristic of operation depending on the magnitude of the current. Three-pole, thermal, bimetallic relay RTB-0 has bimetallic plates, which, with the help of a rail, act as a non-disconnecting system. Relay primary, three-pole with and without blocking and changeover contact system. The relay meets the requirements of BDS-75 for normal execution, ОН 09 53001-78 and 43117TU for tropical execution and ЗН261-72 for execution on ships. Thermal relay RTB-0 technical characteristics Rated insulation voltage of main purposes 500 V ~ Rated current & ndash; 16 A Installation range, conductor cross-section for taking the breaking characteristic and rated current of fuses for protection against short-circuit current from Chapter Table 1; length of connecting conductors to each terminal 800 mm. Contact system Rated insulation voltage of contact system & mdash; 380 V ~ Rated heating current of the contact group RTB-0 & mdash; 4А Rated current of contacts according to switching capabilities class AC11 Rated voltage 380 V ~ Temperature of terminals & mdash; 102 ° C at an ambient temperature of 22 ° C One-second thermal stability current 10 I n Breaking characteristic for the cross-section and length of connecting conductors at the ambient temperature of the relay or oil contactor KM-25 - 20 ± 5 ° C Operating mode of the RTB-0 relay according to BDS 11619- 73-break-long R 2-8 hours. Long-term operation is also allowed & ndash; R 1 The relay is not temperature compensated. The influence of the ambient temperature on the time current characteristic is indicated in the technical documentation Protective view according to BDS 3443-65

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