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  • level switch PO-1

level switch PO-1

PO-1 level switches are designed to control the level of sea, fresh and distilled water, diesel fuel, lubricating and vegetable oil, fuel oil and technical fat of marine mammals, fish, as well as other liquids with similar parameters in ship conditions (meet the requirements of the Register ) and in any branches of the national economy. & nbsp;

PO-1 found application in the construction and repair of ships, at machine-tool and machine-building plants (for the organization of automatic distribution of lubricating coolant), at water utilities, in food, chemical and other industries. It is also possible to use the RO-1 as an emergency pressure sensor up to 3 kPa for gaseous non-explosive media. The principle of operation of the PO-1 sensor-relay is based on the conversion of the hydrostatic pressure created by the liquid column into the air pressure, which acts on the membrane and leads to the operation of the electrical contacts of the switching device. RO-1 technical characteristics Can be adjusted to any trigger point when the level rises in the range from 100 to 340 mm wg. pillar; The response spread does not exceed +15 mm wg. post relative to the tuning point; Allowable pressure overload 30 m water. pillar; Adjustable differential of actuation; up to 220 mm of water column Ambient air temperature PO-1 from minus 10 to plus 85 ° C; The temperature of the medium is from plus 1 to plus 110 ° C. The maximum depth of controlled levels is 10 m. The switched current is up to 7 A at a voltage of up to 250 V. Weight is up to 0.9 kg. Overall dimensions D91x103 mm.

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