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  • level relay RU-304-3

level relay RU-304-3

RU-304-3 level switch is used to control the level of liquid media, as well as to issue an electrical signal, switch electrical circuits when the level of the controlled liquid reaches a predetermined value. The relay meets all the requirements set forth in the "General rules of explosion safety for explosive and fire hazardous chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries" PB 09-540-03, and is suitable for use in emergency automatic protection systems. The principle of operation of the RU-304-3 relay is to open a magnetically controlled contact ( reed switch) when the controlled medium reaches the specified level when the flow chamber is filled with the controlled medium. The level switch is designed to control the level of liquid media and issue an electrical signal (switching the electrical alarm when the level of the controlled liquid reaches a specified value). The RU-304-3 level switch is used to equip the pump blocking systems: when the liquid level in the pump discharge pipe reaches the set point value, the relay switches the electrical alarm and blocking circuits of the pumping units. RU-304-3 technical characteristics temperature of controlled liquid from -40 to + 120 ° С; switching characteristics: - contacts - normally closed (reed switch); - type of current - constant; - type of load - active; - voltage - (24 ± 2.4) V; - current - 150 mA; overall dimensions and weight depending on the version: - RU-303 - Ø108 × 124 × 169 mm, weight no more than 2.1 kg; - RU-304 - Ø108 × 124 × 219 mm, weight no more than 2.3 kg; The relay is marked with explosion protection OExiaIICT4X, complies with GOST R 51330.0, GOST R 51330.10 and can be installed in hazardous areas of premises of all classes and outdoor installations in accordance with Ch. 7.3 "Rules for Electrical Installations" (PUE) and other directive documents governing the installation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.
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