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  • Thermometer TGP-100-UHL4
  • Thermometer TGP-100-UHL4
  • Thermometer TGP-100-UHL4

Thermometer TGP-100-UHL4

The TGP-100-UHL4 thermometer is designed to measure the temperature of liquid and gaseous media in stationary industrial installations and to switch external electrical circuits, including in transport, in shipbuilding, on ships of the sea and river fleets and at nuclear power plants. Thermometer TGP-100-UHL4 technical characteristics Thermal bulb immersion depth, mm: 250; 315; 400; 630 Case diameter, mm: 100 Thermal bulb diameter, mm: 20 Temperature range, ° C: from -25 to +75; from 0 to +100; from 0 to +150; from 0 to +200; from 0 to +300 Length of the connecting capillary Thermometer TGP-100-UHL4, m: 1.6; 2.5; 4; 6 Classes of accuracy: 1; 1.5 Voltage of external switched circuits: alternating current, V: 24; 40; 60; 110; 220; 240 direct current, V: 24; 60; 110; 220 Breaking capacity of the signaling device contacts Thermometer TGP-100-UHL4, VA, no more: 30 Degree of protection: IP40 Climatic versions Thermometer TGP-100-UHL4; Relative humidity,%, no more: 80 Availability of electrical contacts: electrocontact Type of filling of the thermo-system: gas Type of control of external electrical circuits: signaling By resistance to mechanical influences thermometer The TGP-100-UHL4 thermometer is vibration-resistant. In terms of resistance to climatic influences, the TGP-100-UHL4 thermometer corresponds to version B, placement category 4 in accordance with GOST 15150, but for operation at temperatures from -30 to +60 ° C. Average service life, not less than 10 years. The voltage of external switched AC circuits is 220 V, 50 Hz. Breaking capacity of the contacts of the signaling device, 30 VA. Principle of operation of the thermometer The thermometer TGP-100-UHL4 is based on the strict dependence of the saturated vapor pressure of the thermo-system filler on the temperature of the measured medium.
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