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Заказать и купить изделие «Герметичный пакетный выключатель ГПВ2-10» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Hermetic packet switch GPV2-10

Hermetic packet switch GPV2-10

GPV package switches & nbsp; & nbsp; are designed to work in electrical circuits with voltage up to 380V AC at 50, 60Hz and 400Hz and up to 220V DC as: & nbsp;

  • input switches in the control circuits of electrical power distribution installations; & nbsp;
  • manual switching devices for infrequent switching on and off; & nbsp;
  • for manual control of asynchronous electric motors in AC electric circuits. & nbsp;

    According to the number of poles, the burst switches are divided into two-pole and three-pole. & Nbsp;
    According to the value of the rated current, burst switches are available for current 10, 16, 25 , 40, 60, 100А. & Nbsp;
    According to the mounting method, packet switches are divided into: & nbsp;
  • 1st execution & nbsp;
  • 3rd execution & nbsp;

    Climatic modification of all switches & nbsp; - M3. The operating position of the packet switches in space - any. & nbsp;
    The degree of protection against touching live parts and against the ingress of dust and moisture for all PV switches is IP 00, for all HPV switches - IP 56. & nbsp;
    Switches provide operation in the following modes: continuous, intermittent-continuous, intermittently. Switching frequency no more than 120 times per hour. & Nbsp;
    Mechanical durability of batch switches is determined by the number of switchings. & nbsp;
    Switches are designed for operation at ambient temperatures from - 40 degrees C to + 45 degrees C and relative humidity no more than 95 & plusmn; 3% at a temperature of + 25 & plusmn; 3%, and no more than 80 & plusmn; 3% at a temperature of + 40 & plusmn; 3%. & nbsp;
    The insulation resistance of switches between live parts and between live parts and attachment points, in a cold state, must be at least 50 MΩ. & nbsp;

    The design of batch switches & nbsp; provides the ability to: & nbsp;
  • switching significant currents in devices of relatively small dimensions, which is achieved by extinguishing the arc in a closed chamber, using fiber spark extinguishing washers, using a double arc break in each pole, a significant contact opening speed; & nbsp;
  • creating a wide variety of schemes from standard switch elements; & nbsp;
  • embedding devices in protective shells (waterproof, dustproof, hermetic); & nbsp;
  • works in any position and low sensitivity to shock and vibration.
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