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  • Disconnector current RT-1
  • Disconnector current RT-1
  • Disconnector current RT-1
  • Disconnector current RT-1
  • Disconnector current RT-1

Disconnector current RT-1

Current disconnector RT 1 is a switching device for voltages over 1 kV. It creates a visible gap and isolates individual parts of the electrical installation system from adjacent live parts to ensure safe access for repairs. 
ON ships, as a rule, it is used to disconnect the starter circuit of starting a diesel engine. 
In addition, the RT-1 disconnector is used to ground disconnected sections of the system, to disconnect and enable low-power transformers. Disconnector RT 1 has become widespread, since its price and operating costs are relatively low. 
In the production of disconnectors PT1, all the requirements of the Marine and River Registers are met. The device fully complies with GOST R 52726-2007. Therefore, you can be sure of the durability and high quality of these products. 
In order to buy RT-1 disconnector from us, you need to call our phone to clarify the availability of the required number of products in the warehouse. Since our company is controlled by the Maritime and River Registers, we can guarantee prompt delivery of all assortment items. 
Unlike other suppliers, we carefully control the products at all stages of delivery, from incoming control when goods arrive at the warehouse, to the conscientious observance of all conditions for the safe transportation of products to the customer. Therefore, our regular customers note the absence of complaints and the convenience of working with us. 
Manufacturer's warranties and service life
The manufacturer guarantees uninterrupted operation of RT-1 disconnectors provided that the consumer observes the operating, transportation and storage conditions. 
Warranty period - 1 year from the beginning of operation. 
Service life is determined by the limiting state, but not less than 5 years. 
Technical characteristics
Disconnector RT-1 is designed for operation in DC circuits 30V I dl. 100A, Icr. 1500A (1min). 
The PT1 disconnector can be used at an altitude of up to 1000m above sea level. The product is efficient at wind pressure up to 700 Pa, which corresponds to a wind speed of 34 m / s. 
In terms of resistance to climatic factors, the RT-1 switch meets GOST15150, GOST15963 and GOST17412. 
The PT 1 disconnector has a relatively simple design. It consists of an insulating base, fixed and moving contacts and a manual drive. The current-carrying elements are made of high-quality copper of the M1 brand. 
Fixed contacts are installed on the insulating base, which together with the moving contacts form the pole of the device. Two copper plates are used as moving contacts, fixed in a permanent connection on the axis. Disconnector RT-1 includes a central handle directly on the traverse. It has one auxiliary circuit contact block per pole. 
An example of the correct name of a product for an order is the RT-1 disconnector. But if you write in a different way, for example, PT1 disconnector, PT-1 disconnector, PT-1 disconnector, we will still understand what you need and select suitable products. 
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