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  • Stop device SU-1-12 VN

Stop device SU-1-12 VN

SU-1, SU-1M, SU-3 & nbsp; TU 25-02.1771-75 stop - the device is used in as actuators in diesel emergency stop systems. The stop device is designed to shut off the intake manifold or move the fuel supply element to the "Stop" position when an electrical control signal is applied. The stop device is used as actuators in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, dairy, meat industry, irrigation systems, compressor construction.

The stop device is a mechanism consisting of a main electromagnet, a microswitch, a protective cap with a connector or an oil seal.
Stop device SU-3 has an automatic latch for fixing in the Stop position.
The latch is reset as remotely or manually.

  • SU-1M-12 VMN, SU-1M-24 VMN, SU-1 -12 VMN, SU-1-24 VMN - with a plug and microswitch;
  • SU-1M- 12 VN, SU-1M-24 VN, SU-1- 12 VN, SU-1-24 VN - with a plug connector without a microswitch.
  • SU-3-24 VMN - with a plug connector and a microswitch.


Tractive effort, kgf 3 (5) 10 3 (5)
Travel, mm 10 10 10
Nominal voltage, V 12 (24) 24 12 (24)
Response time, s 0.15 0.2 0.15
Weight, kg 1,1 3.0 2,0
Overall dimensions, mm 130x136x54 180x146x72 120x146x72

Connecting dimensions of SU-1, SU-3 - 6 holes М8-7Н for Ø50 mm.
Installation of stop devices SU-1, SU-3 is carried out through six holes М8 for 50mm, or an arbitrary clamp for the body of the product. Mounting of the stop devices SU-1M is carried out along the threaded protrusion M22x1.5.
The warranty period of operation is set 8000 hours within 36 months from the date of putting the stop devices into operation.

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