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  • Conical bucket

Conical bucket

A conical fire bucket.

Such a bucket is much easier than a flat-bottomed one to scoop up water (especially for deep wells), while an ordinary one floats on the surface of the water like a float, and a cone bucket immediately draws water .

• & nbsp; It is convenient to take a cone-shaped bucket with two hands at once: one by the sharp part of the cone, the other by the handle. The likelihood that the top of the cone will slip out of your hands is slightly lower than the edge of an ordinary bucket. This is especially convenient for firefighters, as they work in thick mittens.

• & nbsp; In a bucket made in the form of a cone, no collapse occurs when water is ejected, and therefore the liquid does not splash and fly out to a greater distance , hits purposefully.

• & nbsp; A cone bucket in case of a fire in the winter season allows them to punch holes on fire reservoirs in ice.

• & nbsp; The shape of the cone provides the bucket with the greatest rigidity, it does not collapse or crumple when dropped.

• & nbsp; The production process of a conical fire bucket is noticeably simplified, since there is no need to make a bottom.

• & nbsp; Profitable cutting of a conical bucket - minimum consumption tin provides the maximum filling capacity of the container, which is about 8 liters of water.

• & nbsp; During a fire, you often need to run with a full bucket, its cone shape allows you not to beat off your legs, which can be easily done with flat-bottomed bucket.

• & nbsp; The shape of such a bucket is a tradition laid down by a lot: in the old days on ships, buckets were made of multi-layer canvas and cut them in the shape of a cone.

• & nbsp; It is easier to scoop up sand from a special fire box with cone-shaped buckets, holding one hand on the top of the cone, and with the other on the edge buckets.

• & nbsp; The version of the firemen - from the bucket-cone water splashes much further and hits the target.

• & nbsp; The conical shape of the bucket was invented so that during a fire when a firefighter fell, the water spilled onto the fire.

There are a lot of versions of why the fire bucket is made in the form of a cone. In any case, this form (according to firefighters) is very convenient for extinguishing fires with both water and sand.

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