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Заказать и купить изделие «Извещатель пожарный тепловой ИП 114-1/ДТК-90гр. (МДПИ-028)» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Thermal fire detector IP 114-1 / DTK-90gr. (MDPI-028)

Thermal fire detector IP 114-1 / DTK-90gr. (MDPI-028)

Designed to detect air temperature above the set threshold and send a signal to the control panel.

Developed and supplied as independently (including instead of locomotive detectors IPL ), and as a part of installations UPS-TPS and UPS-TPS-PO for traction rolling stock: diesel locomotives TEM 18, TEM 21, TEM 7A, as well as as part of fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems for sea and river vessels: KTS "SPAS -SM ", KTS" SPAS-SP "and installations for small river vessels based on the IP 102-2X2 detector.

The sensor is intended for operation under the conditions established for the climatic version UHL 3.1, ОМ3.1 atmosphere type III according to GOST 15150-69.

Ambient air temperature during operation from minus 50 ° С to 80 ° С (up to 60 ° С for A3 class).
Degree of protection of the DTK shell - IP 65.

Execution options (unified case):
by type of output signal cash: & nbsp;
- signal in the form of normally closed contacts NC version without built-in light signaling;
- output signal in the form of normally open contacts NO without built-in light signaling or with a current-limiting resistor and built-in light signaling of operation; & nbsp; < br> - output signal in the form of an electric current passing through the sensor circuit at the moment of its triggering and turning on the built-in light indication. & nbsp;
by response temperature: & nbsp;
- version 1: response temperature 70 ° С (& plusmn; 6 ° C), class A3; & nbsp;
- version 2: response temperature 90 ° C (± 6 ° C), class C;

The detector is explosion-proof " В "with explosion protection marking 2ExemIIТ6 X.

Certificate of conformity No. С-.RU.ПБ01.В.00300
Certificate of conformity for explosion-proof equipment No. ROSS RU.GB06.B00681

Weight of the detector, g - not more than 125. & nbsp;
Installation size, mm - 65; 2 holes & Oslash; 5.
Overall size, mm - 102x80x65.

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