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  • Fire extinguisher OU-15

Fire extinguisher OU-15

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher OU-15 is designed to extinguish fires of substances, the combustion of which cannot occur without air access, fires of electrical installations under voltage no more than 10,000 V, liquid and gaseous substances (class B, C), fires in the archives, museums, art galleries.

Liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) is used as a fire extinguishing agent, when carbon dioxide passes from a liquid to a gaseous state, its volume increases by 400-500 times, accompanied by a sharp cooling to a temperature of -72 °; C and partial crystallization.

The flame extinguishing effect is achieved in two ways: by lowering the temperature of the ignition source below the ignition point, and by displacing oxygen from the combustion zone with non-combustible carbon dioxide.

Technical characteristics of the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher OU-15.

Charge weight, kg, not less
Working pressure, MPA, not less
Working time, sec, not less
Throw length, m, not less
Fire extinguishing ability *
Dimensions, mm
Weight, kg, no more
+ -

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