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  • Power diode B200
  • Power diode B200
  • Power diode B200

Power diode B200

Diodes B200 - power rectifier diodes of pin design for general purpose. 
Converts and regulates direct and alternating currents up to 200 amperes with a frequency of up to 500 Hz in circuits with a voltage of 200 V - 1600 V (2-16 cells). 
The polarity of the diode is as follows - the copper base of the diode is the cathode, the flexible lead is the anode. 
To remove heat, the diodes are assembled with coolers using a threaded connection. 
In order to ensure reliable thermal and electrical contact with the cooler, the appropriate clamping force Md must be observed during assembly (for B200, the clamping force is 50 Nm). 
Also for better heat dissipation during assembly, KPT-8 heat-conducting paste can be used. 
Power diodes are used as rectifying and demagnetizing diodes, to prevent the harmful effects of switching overvoltages, in low-voltage rectifiers of welding and galvanic equipment, in uncontrolled or semi-controlled rectifier bridges, as well as in electric generators in industry and transport. 
Diodes are manufactured for operation in temperate, cold (UHL) or tropical (T) climates; placement category - 2.
They are used in power supply circuits of electrophysical installations and in power converters.
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