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  • Hand-held electronic anemometer ARE
  • Hand-held electronic anemometer ARE

Hand-held electronic anemometer ARE

ARE Anemometer & mdash; a digital portable cup-type anemometer with an autonomous power supply, designed to measure the air flow rate with information output to a digital indicator during meteorological measurements on land and sea, as well as to measure the average value of the wind speed in ground conditions during meteorological observations.
Manual anemometer electronic ARE
AEM anemometer is included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of Russia.
Structurally, a manual electronic AEM anemometer consists of a wind sensor and a control panel (measuring unit).

Technical characteristics of an AEM anemometer
Measuring range air flow rate 0.8 & hellip; 35 m / s
Threshold of sensitivity no more than 0.8 m / s
The limit of the basic measurement error, where V & ndash; measured wind speed, not more than ±; (0.5 + 0.05 & middot; V) m / s
Type of anemometer cup
Type of air flow rate indication digital
Number of digits 3
Resolution of air flow indication 0.1 m / s
Discreteness of indication of averaging time 1 s
Electric power supply of the anemometer 4 x; cell type 316 (AA) with a total voltage of 5 ±; 1 V
Consumption current no more than 0.05 A
Time of continuous operation of the anemometer without replacing batteries no less than 10 hours
Overall dimensions of the anemometer Wind sensor 120 x; 220 mm
anemometer panel 160 x 80 x 20 mm
Length of the connecting cable between the sensor and the control panel 1.5 m
Maximum distance of the sensor from the control panel 15 m
Weight of the anemometer wind sensor 0.27 kg
the control panel of the anemometer 0.32 kg
Conditions operation of the anemometer temperature from & minus; 20 to 50 ° C
relative humidity up to 80% at a temperature of 20 ° C
Average service life of the anemometer not less than 8 years
The manufacturer produces a modification of the AEM anemometer with increased accuracy of air flow rate measurement. This anemometer is marked with ARE-M

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