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  • Gas analyzer Kometa-M

Gas analyzer Kometa-M

The portable gas analyzer KOMETA-M is designed to monitor the air in the working area by measuring and digital indication of the content of oxygen, toxic, flammable and harmful gases with the issuance of light and sound signals when the threshold concentration level is reached. 
Portable gas analyzer KOMETA-M has the ability to memorize the measurement results in a removable memory card with subsequent transfer to a computer for storage and processing. The data is saved in a report that can be opened with a text editor (WordPad, Notepad, Microsoft Office Excel). The report records the date and time of measurement, the device number, the state of charge of the battery, channel names, units of measurement and concentration for each channel. An example of a report in the attached files. The memory card can be used in SD format. 
Field of application of the gas analyzer: industrial areas of enterprises, workplaces, wells and collectors of underground engineering networks, sewers and drains, heating and telephone networks, fuel and energy complex, tunnels, tanks, holds and other premises where there is a lack of oxygen or the presence of flammable and toxic gases pose a health hazard to personnel or an explosion. Depending on the type and number of installed gas sensors, the gas detector is capable of simultaneously monitoring and displaying readings from 1 to 5 gases on the display screen.
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