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Заказать и купить изделие «Газоанализатор СГГ-20Микро» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Gas analyzer SGG-20Mikro
  • Gas analyzer SGG-20Mikro
  • Gas analyzer SGG-20Mikro

Gas analyzer SGG-20Mikro

A series of portable flammable gas detectors SGG-20Mikro is designed for:
- ensuring the safety of personnel from the risk of pre-explosive concentrations of multicomponent air mixtures of flammable gases and vapors with air; 
- detection of leaks of liquefied (according to GOST - 20448-90) and natural (according to GOST 5524-87) gases, hydrogen and other flammable hydrocarbon gases. 
Area of ​​application:
- at industrial enterprises using natural gas or flammable liquids; 
- at enterprises serving distributed gas networks or gas equipment; 
- at oil refineries, NGDUs, oil warehouses, enterprises transporting oil; 
- in production facilities (boiler rooms, gas distribution stations, hydraulic fracturing stations), wells, basements; 
- the use of underground gas pipelines during the operation of low, medium and high pressure gas pipelines (with the likelihood of the formation of an explosive mixture of gases of various categories) and during the repair and restoration work of ADS and CDS. 
Gas analyzer type - individual. Sampling method - diffusion or forced due to an external flow rate stimulator or from a rubber bulb. 
The principle of action is thermochemical. 
All modifications of SGG-20Mikro (except for SGG-20Mikro-02GD) comply with the requirements of the Rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and the Russian River Register (RRR). When ordering a device with a certificate of RMRS and / or PPP, it is necessary to indicate at the end of the device name the letter "P" and the type of required certificate.
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