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Заказать и купить изделие «Прожектор с дистанционным управлением пультом (DH/4)» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Searchlight with remote control (DH / 4)
  • Searchlight with remote control (DH / 4)
  • Searchlight with remote control (DH / 4)

Searchlight with remote control (DH / 4)

TU 3468-001-59528825-06

halogen lamp / 460 mm / 2000 W / range 2550 m & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

This Searchlight complies with the rules of the International Polar Code

The body and post are made of aluminum (AMG alloy), which significantly reduces the weight of the Searchlight ... The body is powder coated. All fasteners used are made of stainless steel. Tempered glass, resistant to temperature drops. High-speed catches of the Searchlight are made of stainless steel and are located on the rear side.
Reflector: glass, mirror.
Operating temperature from -40 to +50 degrees. 
400 W anti-condensation heating elements are installed in the head and base of the Searchlight, with sensors that maintain an internal temperature of 20 ° C
Protection degree IP 56. Very high corrosion resistance.
Additional functions: signal grille, remote focus adjustment lamps.

Products are certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and the Russian River Register (RRR). 
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Технические характеристики
Rack typeDH/4
Scattering angle, °5
Warranty period, years5
Case diameter, mm460
Voltage, V220
Lamp power, W2000
Range, m2550
Luminous flux, Lm52000
Average lamp life, hours400
ControlRemote control
Horizontal guidance angle, °350
Angle of vertical guidance, °60 (±30)
Searchlight weight, kg63
Service life, years10
ColourGrey. At the request of the customer can be any
Beam range, m2550

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